Grandparents are the Greatest Because...

Your Grandparents loved your parents, so when they learned you were going to be born, they were happy to welcome you, another baby, into their family to love. This uncompromising affection is a different kind of love, unlike the love of your parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. It is called, unconditional love. You are loved no matter what you do.


Children's Books both feel as though you've been transported to a vacation paradise where hours are filled with endless excitement, fun and happiness.
"A cherubic tot and an impossibly fuzzy rabbit engage in play in this luminescent picture book." Kirkus Reviews
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A fun and delightful book with a deeper meaning about the imortance of play in the very young. This book illustrates babies learning to be friends.
A celebration of the deep emotions shared by sons and daughter and their fathers of all sizes, shapes, and ethnic backgrounds.