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Hebrew Edition of Bunny and Me

The English edition of Bunny and Me is writtten in third person. The Hebrew language edition is translated into first person narrative.

The Hebrew Translation

I look at Bunny. Bunny looks at me.
I touch Bunny's nose. Bunny touches my foot.
It Tickles.
Bunny has blue beads. I have blue beads, too
Bunny kisses the doll. I sit alongside and laugh.
I look at pictures. Bunny wants to look too.
Now I want to play but the ball rolls far away and bunny goes after it.
Come back Bunny.
Where are you?
Maybe Bunny's behind a tree?
Maybe Bunny's behind a bush?
Maybe under the bench?
Maybe in the basket?
There you are little bunny in the basket.
I love you Bunny.
I love you too little child