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Grandparents are the Greatest Because...

Grandparents can share with you the world that shaped their lives before you were born. You are your grandparents' link to the future because you will tell your grandchildren about the stories you heard, laughter you shared, the pain you felt, and the values you learned. Generation after generation your special relationship will continue -
the gift only youth and age can give to each other.

Bunny and Me.

"Bunny and Me" is a sweet story and a powerful one to children under five. It taps into their separation anxiety so they come to understand when people or things are out of sight they are not gone forever. Baby cries when the bunny runs away but deals with loss by looking for the bunny and finding her. Bunny comes back just like you do after leaving your child's life for less than a day.

Hebrew Edition of Bunny and Me

The English edition of Bunny and Me is writtten in third person. The Hebrew edition is translated into first person narrative. View this page to see the Hebrew language edition.

Ariel and Emily

Here's a delicious picture book illustrated with enchantingly tinted photographs. Against dreamy landscapes, two best friends play in the park. They stack blocks and knock them over, blow bubbles, play hide-and-seek-just the kinds of activities that engage inquisitive toddlers. Framed with intricate borders in shades of rose and lavender, the close-up images and simple text capture the playful enthusiasm of the pink-cheeked babies in a story of friendship ideal for lap sharing.


"Daddies is a beautiful tribute to the love between father and child. I was enormously touched by the photographs and Adele Aron Greenspun's reason for writing it."
--Liv Ullman

"Young and old will discover a joy in studying the faces and catching the glow that radiates between sons and daughters and dads."
--Booklist - Star Review